Dark Chocolate Slow Cooker Fondue with Blood Orange Agrumato & Aged Balsamic

November 21, 2018

Dark Chocolate Slow Cooker Fondue with Blood Orange Agrumato & Aged  Balsamic

Is there a more appropriate dessert to serve when hanging out with friends and family over the holidays than a Chocolate Fondue? Not in my house, and I will admit that I serve this to my friends year-round. Not only does it give you something to “do” while you are chatting after a meal, but it’s also very easy and customizable for each person.


Special equipment: 6-quart slow cooker

Heat a 6-quart slow cooker with insert on high until hot.

Combine the chocolate, cream, milk, vanilla and salt and olive oil in the hot insert.

Cover and cook on high for 30 minutes, then whisk the ingredients together and set on low.

Whisk in the balsamic just before serving.

Serve with cookies, pretzels, cut up fruit, marshmallows or pound cake.


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