Burger Blast

Burger Blast has a delightful and full flavor that will leave you wondering what that flavor is that you can't quite put your finger (or taste buds on). The "secret ingredient" that provides this flavor is from Grains of Paradise. This African spice is more popular in Middle Eastern, North, and West African cuisines, but it has become increasingly popular in this country when used in various rubs for beef, chicken, fish, and steak.
Burger Blast is just a bit sweet and earthy while balancing perfectly with the herby undertones.

Sprinkle it on the burgers and then pat it into the meat about an hour before grilling. Add it into our mix while making the burgers, add it early in the cooking process, or add it at every stage possible to layer in the flavor. Experiment; that’s half the fun of cooking burgers anyway.

Burger Blast can also be added to turkey burgers or meatloaf.

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