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How Are Pepitas Made?

Pepitas are salted, roasted pumpkin seeds. Stony Brook Pepitas are brined and then roasted for a crispy, crunchy texture, and savory, nutty flavor. 

Are Pepitas Good for Me?

Yes! Pumpkin seeds are high in protein and fiber. They also contain healthy plant-based fats, zinc, lutein, beta-carotene, and vitamin E.

Are Pepitas More Than Just a Snack?

Try a handful on your morning cereal or toss with salad or roasted vegetables. Garnish soup or crush for a flavor coating on fish, chicken, or beef.

Where Are They Grown?

Stony Brook's pumpkin seeds are sourced directly from upstate NY family farms. Seeds are roasted and packaged nearby at our Finger Lakes production kitchen. 


Allergen Information

Made in a nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free facility


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