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Pennsylvania Pepper

Seasoned Pepper is more than just pepper; Pennsylvania Pepper is an aromatic blend of black pepper which brings its steady burn, piney flavor, and citrus-floral top notes, which are held in place by the deep familiar flavors of garlic and onion. Bell peppers provide pops of sweetness in between the savory flavors. 

We use Pennsylvania Pepper on everything. It’s great mixed into grilled burgers, and as part of a rub for baked or grilled chicken or fish. Sprinkle some across your scrambled eggs and omelets or add some perk to green salads. Mix into creamy potato or tuna salad. It can stand up to heat so add to just about any vegetable you can think of and roast, grill, or steam them. Use it to add a final pop of flavor to soup before serving.

Ingredients: Black pepper, garlic, onion, bell peppers, celery.

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