Texas Smoked Turkey Rub

For generations your family has probably been stuffing your turkeys into the oven and roasting them for hours. Breaking away from tradition can be hard but also a great change of pace. Smoked turkey is more flavorful and when prepared properly is even more tender than oven roasting.

Now when it comes to flavoring your bird you have a couple of options - using a brine or using a rub.

If you go the brine route you’ll need to your bird for a good 24 hours before you cook. For a smoked turkey we like to make our brine with one part water and one part apple juice and use this Texas Smoked Turkey Rub as the flavor seasoning (use 3 tablespoons of Texas Smoked Turkey Rub per gallon of water).

The other option is to use this as a regular rub. If you go the rub route then we suggest you rub the bird down the night before you’re going to smoke it.

When smoking we like to keep the bird moist and maximize flavor by making a mop using .5 cup of butter, 1 tbsp of apple juice and 1 tbsp of Smoked Turkey Rub.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, paprika, smoked Mesquite salt, garlic, onion, black pepper, cayenne and cloves

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