Citrus Steak Seasoning

Latin Caribbean cuisine is a diverse blend of both traditional tropical tastes and multicultural influences. The central feature of this style of cuisine is the almost magical blending of aromatic, spicy, sweet, tart and mild citrus flavors. Our Citrus Steak Seasoning is influenced by this enchanting flavor combination and this seasoning is a perfect blend of citrus and spice whether you are looking for a taste of the islands or just something a little different for the grill.

Hardcore grillers know that the secret to grill success all starts with the perfect rub. Master the use of spice rubs and you'll become the Grill Master of the neighborhood and leave those wimpy marinades and sauces to the grill master pretenders.

Ingredients: Garlic, paprika, orange zest, chili powder, coarse black pepper and sea salt

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