Fort Worth Burger Seasoning

While Fort Worth may not be the birth place of the hamburger (that would be New Haven, Connecticut) you just know that any city known as "Cowtown" has got to know how to whip up a great burger!

The way to make a great burger is to start with the selection of meat - now most of us of course are going to go for beef and that’s fine but in our efforts to eat healthier and leaner this means that many of us may be selecting 93% or 96% lean. This leaner beef tends to dry out quicker so you’ll actually get more flavorful results going for 85%. Most of the extra fat will be cooked off and these will shrink down enough to make a moist, perfectly sized burger when done right.

Another helpful hint is not to over handle the hamburger meat too much. Add the ingredients, form the patty and put it down. Too much handling tends to make the burger mushy. You should also use a super hot grill - this causes the meat to stick to grill - don’t flip too early or the burger will fall apart. As soon as the grease works its way down to the bottom of the patty it will release the burger from the grill grate that’s the time to flip (getting this timing down is critical to a great burger).

Now on to our favorite part - the burger’s seasoning. We have fine tuned our Fort Worth Burger Seasoning so that it gives the ideal balance of earthy flavor from the cumin, Mexican oregano and Spanish paprika with just enough subtle heat from the ancho and de arbol chilies.

Ingredients: Ancho chile powder, paprika, cumin, brown mustard, Mexican oregano, coriander, sea salt, garlic powder, onion powder, de arbol chile powder, black pepper and brown sugar

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