Cajun Maple Seasoning

Cajun Maple is a savory blend with manageable spiciness, smoky, earthy, and herby notes, as well as a hint of sweetness from the maple sugar.

You can use Cajun Maple pretty much anywhere you would use Cajun Seasoning. Try it on grilled meats, use it for blackening, and sprinkle some on your favorite vegetable-based dishes. It's excellent in sauces and tomato-based soups. Cajun Maple also suits jambalaya and gumbo quite nicely.

This is a seasoning that stands up quite nicely next to stronger flavors, like darker beans or thick stews. It tastes wonderful in rice dishes and its great as a seasoning for pork chops!

Ingredients: Smoked hickory salt, maple sugar, granulated garlic, granulated onion, paprika, granulated red bell pepper, morita powder, black pepper, celery seed powder, cayenne powder, thyme, basil, Mexican oregano, ground bay leaf.

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